Video Production

The Process and some questions answered

You’ve decided that you need a film to promote you, your business or your venture. You will have many questions and this is a quick yet comprehensive guide to that process and should address many of them. We’re here to help. This guide will explain the entire structure of the film making process, how long it will take, and what’s involved. To us, it's imperative to fully understand the nature of your venture, what makes you tick and what excites you.

Essentially, all films follow a similar 3 stage process. Pre production, production and post production. Regardless of the story that you wish to tell, or how long it should be, these 3 elements are the core processes essential to the making of every film.


This is where you tell us what you want. We’ll sit down with you and discuss what it is that you want to convey with film and we’ll use our expertise and reflect this back to you as to how we can achieve this. It’s your baby and we will nurture your ideas with our own creativity, explaining every process or procedure of interest to you.

Communication is essential as you know, and there will always be ideas that spring to mind after our initial meeting which you can tell us about. Likewise, the same happens to us as creative people. Either way, we will all understand fully what it is that you are trying to achieve. We do our research.

From our initial meeting, we’ll discuss elements like location and aspects of your business / service / venture that you wish to be included; and what you wish to say. We like to video someone (preferably from your organisation) who feels comfortable on camera. If not, we know people who do. We will record HD audio voiceovers as per this example should you so wish. Either way, your story will be captured and the interviewee / narrator will speak about your venture by expanding on pre-prepared bullet points, as if to a very interested 3rd party who had just asked you what your business was all about.

It is poignant to stress that being on camera is not as daunting as it may appear. It can take a little getting used to, but after a few minutes, you will forget it's there and will feel as comfortable as if you were talking to a friend in conversation - which it is pretty much like it is.

After our meeting, we will document the expected outcome of this pre-production meeting, our methodology as to how we envisage producing your film and how long it will take. Together, we'll come up with a list of bullet point type questions that our interviewer will ask you in such a way that your answers will tell your story. We will then send this to you in both written and pictorial form - a storyboard. At this stage, we will furnish you with a quotation detailing what the entire process will cost.

Upon signed agreement, we enter into phase two of the production process, and our mutually accepted plan as to when we intend to film, who is going to be interviewed on camera and every aspect of procedures accredited with the production process. The day when production begins will be decided.


Our small team of highly skilled and experienced crew will arrive ‘on set’ at the agreed time. Depending on the complexity of the video project, our team will number between 2 and four of us. We will film the interview(s) and film various relevant scenes and "b" roll (cut-away) footage, ensuring that everything is recorded and documented as per plan.

We will never move on to the next process until we (and you) are entirely happy with proceedings, and the storyboard is followed correctly. Often when filming the interviewee, they tend to expand on points - which is great!


This all happens in the studio; and this is where the magic happens. We capture all the footage and audio and import it into our editing suite. We’ll add audio where appropriate to give the production depth and mood and produce a draft version of the production. We will inform you when we are either at this stage or when we expect the draft to be complete and arrange a viewing with you at a mutually accepted date and time.

This is a very important aspect of the whole process. Experience tells us from the many productions we have been involved with that it will be 90% to your expectations; in fact you will be very pleasantly surprised. We will also be there with you at this viewing. During this viewing, certain aspects will become apparent and there will be a small amount of changes or additions that generally can only spring to light at this stage of the process. We expect this, we will document and make these changes. This is included in the total cost.

Rest assured, that we will explain everything to you. We know exactly what we’re doing and building up trust and respect is crucial to both ours and ultimately your success.

Where to show the film?

We will format the film to whatever format you require. If you have your own web developer, we will format the film to whatever parameters they require. Remember that we too are web developers so speak the same language. Again, this is all included in the fixed original price that was quoted and agreed earlier on in the process.

Typical length of films

A promotional video, one that lets the World know what you’re all about can be anywhere between 2 and 5 minutes long. Of course it can be longer, but a typical ideal length is typically just over 2 minutes long. Crucially, it must never ever be over long. Films should leave the viewer wanting to know more and this is where they delve deeper into your website, contact you and the sales process begins. And a film placed very near the top of your front webpage is a perfect way of telling a thousand words with added interest.